Brock Elliott is a Freelance Photographer and Voice-over talent based in Phoenix Arizona.  He specializes in Fitness, Glamour, Model and Wedding photography.


His passion for photography began in high school and for many years photography was nothing more than a hobby.  He began shooting special events part time for the Walt Disney Company and shortly thereafter put down his camera for a period to work in other parts of the entertainment industry.   From 1984 to 1993 Brock served as an audio and lighting technician for the Entertainment Division of Disneyland, bringing to life spectacular shows such as Fantasmic, Beauty and the Beast and the Main Street Electrical Parade.


Brock started his own voice-over & audio production Business, Brock Elliott Productions and in 1995 he was asked to join Edwards Theatres, to create a pre- show for there new IMAX theatre in Irvine, California.  Over the next six years, he became literally the “Voice” of Edwards Theatres.  In 1998 he was named Director of In-Theatre Productions/Marketing and Promotions, over seeing the opening of six IMAX locations in the Western Region.  Over the past 20 years, Brock has performed hundreds of promos and commercials for television, film and radio.


In 2005, Brock and his family relocated to Arizona at which time Brock rekindled his passion for photography and has been able to pursue photography as a full time profession.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a photo shoot, please call me so we can chat. I can be reached directly at 480-200-3440 or you can always send me an email at Enjoy the rest of the site and have a fabulous day!