Cyndi Lipe  NPC Figure Competitor 

"I honestly can't wait to do another shoot with Brock!"

    Brock Elliott + FlexAppeal Photography = professionalism and quality. Brock made my photo shoot experience comfortable and fun. He took his time to get the “right” shots in each setting, but also kept it moving. He is extremely easy going, will not push you to do anything that you are not comfortable with and he can connect with anyone. He is a true professional. And as if all that wasn’t enough, he enjoys goofing around….I remember one shot where I was hanging from a tree that had us all cracking up. I honestly can’t wait to do another shoot with Brock! He has an amazing talent. He will bring out your best features. He sees things in people that they would never see in themselves. Thank you Brock for making me beautiful!





Brandy “Red” Smith

“The most talented photographer that makes me look so good!”

   Thank you for being a most amazing and professional photographer while shooting me at your home studio and at the gym. I love your sense of humor and creativity as it makes my work feel effortless. Hugs!





Andrew Chavez

“I was humbled when I was exposed to the expertise that Brock Elliott Photography possesses!”

   I have published a magazine, directed photo shoots, approved ad copy, held casting calls and I have employed photographers and videographers what I thought were "the most talented in the business"... I was humbled when I was exposed to the expertise that Brock Elliott Photography possesses. My sponsors Have never been happier with the quality of the photographs for product placement they have ever seen me part of ..I highly recommend if you have a special event or a photo shoot that must be done for an advertiser or modeling agency that you use Brock Elliott photography ...I’ve submitted mine.   thanks again for making me look good Brock





Diana Stanback  IFBB Pro Bodybuilder & Fitness Model

"Shooting with Flex Appeal is an unique and TOTAL experience."

 I must start out by saying that I have been blessed to live my dream. Finally earning my IFBB pro card in 2008 was only a fraction of the privileges I've experienced during my fitness journey. The biggest joy, the people I meet.  Brock Elliott with Flex Appeal Photography is one of my favorite photographers to work with. (I've worked with my share of photographers) Reason being, Shooting with Flex appeal is an unique and TOTAL experience.  The art of photography is just that.... an ART.  Magic happens when you click with the ones you work with. What makes shooting with Flex Appeal a TOTAL experience? The fact that Brock not only has an amazing eye for the perfect shot but he also works closely with another amazing eye. Bernadette Elliott helps complete this amazing experience. Brock the photographer and Bernadette the assistant fashion coordinator helps bring his vision into fruition.  Both Brock and Bernadette have an amazingly fun and friendly personality that helps even the most nervous model come out of her shell to shine through in the photographs. I personally want to thank you both for bringing the fun back to photo shoots. I look forward to working with you again. 





Robert Altmanshofer

“He knows how to get the shot!”

   Brock Elliott is the most professional and knowledgeable photographer I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He knows how to get the shot, and how to get it fast without going through take after take. We worked both in his studio and in outside lighting and got a lot of quality shots from both the locations that we shot at. He doesn't rush the shoot, and makes sure everything is taken care of and in place so that when you arrive you start shooting. His prices are beyond reasonable and working with him is a lot of fun. Before you know it, an entire day of shooting has gone by and you have an entire portfolio worth of quality shots in one session. Brock Elliott is a true professional, and his work speaks for itself.





Jamal Musbah  Fitness model 

“I have never felt so comfortable during photo shoots”

   I have had the opportunity to work with a lot of talented individuals within the entertainment business, and have never met anyone like you. Yes of course we all know you can capture a great shot with just about anybody, because you have raw talent! My favorite part while working with you as a model, was the fact that I have never felt so comfortable during photo shoots. You’re a very smart person, you know how to relate and connect with people on a different level. And you still find ways to improve within your work. I’ve worked with you on a couple projects so far, and plan on working with you throughout the rest of my career. Thank you for everything and I’m really looking forward to our next project.





JOSH HECK  Master trainer, Crossfit competitor

"Brock is a phenomenal photographer! His shots are flawless!" 

I needed a few fitness shots for my personal training studio and I had read great things about Brock on his website. He far exceeded my expectations! I had never done something like this before and I was so comfortable, Brock made me feel like a natural. We got the exact shots that I was looking for and some that I couldn't believe were actually me! In the same way that I am dedicated to fitness, Brock is dedicated to his work. He knows every angle and lighting adjustment inside and out to get you the perfect shot. He got the pictures edited and sent to me faster than any photographer I have ever worked with! I can't wait to work with Brock again, thank you!